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LeeAnn is an award-winning filmmaker, nationally published photographer and writer whose work explores self-remembrance, rural revivalism, and sovereignty as it relates to food, wombmanhood, spirituality, and our minds.

"What does it mean to
live free and well?"

A trained yoga and meditation teacher (RYT 200), she offers these practices as an extension of her own personal practice and modalities of expression. Holding space for women and people of color, her offerings and creations alike mirror Mother Nature, inviting deep reverence through slowing down, ritual and intimacy with oneself. 

a poem on titles:

I have always felt that titles are limiting.

Suddenly, we’re confined to this box where creation beyond its parameters is misunderstood, misconstrued, or quite simply, missed. All the burgeoning potential of dreams made manifest lies dormant somewhere in between the title you choose and the title that chose you.

But since I live in a world of straight lines and adjacent conventions, I’ll say this:

I am a creator and storyteller. What I create is art. The stories I tell are life. I’ll define the rest as I go.



With These Hands: A SAAFON Docu-Series

Food Diaries: A Docu-Series

Exhale: A Pop-Up Portrait Experience


Before I Knew Religion, I Met God (Book Release 2021)


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Atlanta, GA



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