• LeeAnn Chisolm Morrissette

Abundant Life at Mayflor | Farm Stories

I come from a family of farmers - some educators, theologians, and artists, but everyone farmed. Somewhere in my lineage, we exchanged our self-reliance for a paycheck. I long to know the righteousness of farm life. Maybe one day. Hopefully some day.

These are a few images I captured last week while meandering the abundant land that is Mayflor Farms in Stockbridge, GA. I laughed in literally glee as I admired and honored the land. I was all but melting into it. Something about the space I am in right now is calling me to bury my hands in the belly of Mother Earth and to get to work. Will I take heed?

So far, I'm just grateful to walk the land, to learn, to grow, and to be of service to the ones who feed us. I hope you enjoy the photos. They have me inspired to work with more farmers, telling more food stories. More to come.

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