With These Hands

Producer // Director

“With These Hands”: Black Stories of Collectivism, Rural Revivalism and Healing, is a docu-series profiling the works and lives of Black farmers from deep south. Presented by SAAFON, this series showcases how Black agrarianism is revitalizing our ecosystem, building community and reconnecting people of the Black diaspora with their history.

Food Diaries | Welcome to the Fort

Creator // Producer // Director

Food Diaries is a docu-series exploring our broken relationship with food. Profiling food activists, to doctors, healers, and educators, this series brings up the questions we aren’t asking. From food waste to healing ourselves to farming for self reliance, each subject takes us through their own personal journey in food, sustainability, and choosing to live and consume more mindfully. This is a journey of self discovery and ultimately, liberation.

In Food Diaries' debut episode, Ree Shreeves, earth advocate and founder of Fort Negrita, takes us into her life as a zero-waster.

Free Hugs: Album Film

Producer // Director

In honor of the release of his debut album Free Hugs, MaestroRiko tours the United States exploring the depths of human connection.

Lena Street Ladies: The Web Series

Co-Creator // Writer // Producer

Four college girls share a home in Atlanta, Georgia. The series follows the trials and tribulations they go through as they grow into adulthood.