To put my feet in the Combahee River was the highlight of my day yesterday. I haven't taken too many trips down the coast on Hwy 17. A serendipitous meeting led me to Beaufort, SC this week, and I couldn't help but stop as I passed over the Harriet Tubman bridge between Colleton and Beaufort Counties. It's marked as the location where Harriet Tubman led the Combahee River Raid ultimately freeing over 700 enslaved peoples.

As I approached the water, I could feel the magnitude of the space. The water may have washed away the memories of sacrifice and strife towards freedom, but the trees remember. I could feel the strength and wisdom surrounding me as I gazed upon the water and walked in.

I made an offering and a promise to return to sit a little while longer within the breeze.

Giving thanks.